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Frquently Asked Questions

Is it easy to fit ?
Yes, the chain comes complete with screws that are fitted to the top of the door or window frame. If you prefer, you can purchase a bracket to hang the screen from, but in either case the fitting is hidden by the screen.

Can it be used outdoors ?
Yes, the screen is made of entirely rust proof materials.

Will the colours last ?
The aluminium chain is anodised and will give years of service and retain its colour.

How can I store the screen in winter ?
The best method is to fix two screws in the shed or garage and hang the screen up. This prevents the links getting kinked during storage.

Is it suitable for windows ?
Yes, it makes an attractive screen that allows fresh air in but keeps flying insects out.

Will my pet be able to get through ?
Yes, they may be a bit wary at first but will soon get used to it.

Will it give me any privacy ?
Yes, although easy to see out it is more difficult to see in.

Is it easy to clean ?
A wash with warm soapy water will keep your screen in pristine condition.

How long will it take to make my chain screen?
Normally delivery is within 5 working days of receipt of payment.

What means of payment do you accept?
We accept cheques, Mastercard , Visa American express and PayPal

Online Catalogue |  FAQ


We supply made-to-measure quality aluminium chain fly screens for doorways, conservatory, french, sliding, hinged, folding, patio, veranda, gazebos, caravans, mobile home doors and insect fly mesh for doors and windows. Chain fly screens for commercial, domestic kitchens, nightclubs, pubs, bars, discos, hotels, food shops, butchers, bakers, takeaways.

Designer and architect chain fly screens for exhibitions, showrooms, events, theatres, stages. Available as for fly screens for DIY kits, roller blinds, mesh and chain fly screens. Chain flyscreen colours: sliver, black, pewter, turquoise, blue, green, red, gold, yellow, copper, orange, brown and bronze chain fly screens. High quality anodised aluminium chain fly screens for all commercial and domestic doors and windows.