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Hinged Window Fly Screen Kit Instructions

Online Catalogue |  Hinged Window Fly Screen Kit Instructions

Flyscreen Window Kit - Assembly & Fitting Instructions


The flyscreen components are...

Standard 1003.x Profile.

Mid Bar 1002.x Profile.

The finished flyscreen dimensions.

The tools required to assemble your flyscreen:
Centre punch
Mitre block
Drill, 3mm drill bit
Hobby/Stanley knife
Tape Measure
Rubber Mallet
Pusher (supplied)

1 - The Flyscreen Components

2 - Square cut the outer profile to length.
Ideally use a mitre block for accuracy. Cut two pieces at W-52mm and two at H-52mm. Screens that measure greater than 1000mm in W or H require a mid bar. Cut one piece at W-52mm.

3 - Corners should push fit.
It may be necessary to tap home with a rubber mallet.

4 - Insert corners in longest pair of profiles.

5 - Complete the flyscreen frame by fitting the remaining profile pieces.

6 - Centre punch corners on the back of the screen to secure.

7 - If mid bar is required, push fit the connectors into the profile at each end.
To fit mid bar to frame, snap connectors onto spline groove.
Option: in addition, drill and screw at point shown arrowed below.

8 - Lay the mesh over the frame.
Allow enough mesh to overlap by at least 20mm and trim as shown.

9 - To secure the mesh.
First insert the spline at top and bottom of frame, then at sides. Use the concave pusher tool to press spline into the groove. Do not stretch the spline.

10 - Trim spline to length.

11 - Trim mesh neatly to spline with knife as shown below.

Note: When trimming mesh use the knife at angle shown below.

Avoid cutting mesh at this point.

12 - To fit handle to screen, punch and pre-drill with a 3mm drill bit.

...then screw to profile.

13 - Fit the hinges.
To fit the hinges, first assemble together. Fit the larger hinge section to the screen. Centre punch, pre-drill with 3mm drill bit and screw to the profile.
Hold screen in place on window frame and mark screw positions then secure.
Installed hinge pictured below.

14 - Fit the turnbuttons.
Fit the turnbuttons with a single screw to the window frame, so when pivoted they overlap onto the lip of the flyscreen profile.

Turnbutton shown open below.

15 - The completed flyscreen with all components is pictured below.

Download installation instructions for the Hinged Window Flyscreen

Online Catalogue |  Hinged Window Fly Screen Kit Instructions


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