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Roller Blind Fly Screen Instructions

Online Catalogue |  Roller Blind Fly Screen Instructions

Unika Window Roller Fly Screen - Assembly and Fitting Instructions
Screen components are....

Profiles - scale 1:1
Vertical Sideguide

...drill and screw through the bottom of the side guide into the reveal.


Reveal Fitment -

Find the smallest W and H of reveal - this gives the W and H of the roller blind.
Face Fitting -

The W and H of the blind should be sufficient to cover the window allowing for enough overlap onto the frame to fix securely .The side guide is 30mm wide so you need sufficient space to allow for this . A sill or ledge should be present to seal the bottom bar brush strip.
Tools required:

Measure tape
3mm Drill Bits
Mitre box
2.5mm Allen key or Driver
Rubber/plastic mallet
Flat file

1. Screen components shown below.

Contents of accessory pack shown below.

2. Cut cassette to length. Do not remove clear wrap from cassette, simply square cut (including mesh, fluffy pile and bottom bar) to W-17mm. Use a mitre box for accuracy.

3. Fit the plastic bush onto the end cap as shown.

4. Tap the end cap and bush into the right hand side of the cassette align bush lug with key way - see below

...and secure with the small countersunk screw provided.

5. Fit the spring and end cap assembly to left hand side of cassette. Before tapping the cap home, tension the blind by winding the spring up 6-12 turns, see below

Check by pulling the blind out that the spring tension is sufficient to retract it. Adjust if necessary then fit the countersunk screw.

6. Once the spring tension is adjusted correctly, insert the plastic plugs in end cap centres as shown below.

7. Slide the first D handle, pull cord then the second D handle into the groove at the front of the bottom bar...

8. Slide the fluffy pile into the bottom bar groove as shown.

...Finally fit the bottom bar plugs in either end.

Hint: Plugs may need tapping home with a mallet.

9. Cut the side guides to H - 46mm. (For face fitting H - 40mm).
You may, (with pliers) crimp the ends of the side guides to prevent fluffy pile sliding out.
Insert the catches into the bottom of the sideguides as shown, lug to the front.

10a. Fitting - reveal fitting. Fit the cassette bracket centrally within the reveal. Position the cassette at the top of the reveal by pushing into the cassette clip, see below.

Slide the side guides onto the cassette end cap lugs...

...drill and screw through the bottom of the side guide into the reveal.

10b. Fitting - face fitting. Slide side guides home onto the end cap.

Note: You may use the remaining two small countersunk screws to secure the side guide to the cassette at the point arrowed. (RH pic) above
Fixing Side guides...

When face fixing guides with screws provided, take care to drill accurately to keep screws within the screw channel to avoid blind becoming obstructed.

A sill or equivalent is required for the bottom bar fluffy pile to seal to.

11. Check the operation of the blind, it should pull down smoothly and clip into place. To open, release from catches via pull cord or handles and allow it to retract into cassette.

12. The completed fly screen with all components is shown below

Maximum width 1600mm - Maximum height 1450mm

Online Catalogue |  Roller Blind Fly Screen Instructions


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