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Custom Striped Screens

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Pin Strip
Fly screens don’t have to be boring, here at VIP Screens we are able to offer you your own design studio where you can pick your own main colour of the screen and then pick a pinstripe colour. If you are having a large screen it sometimes helps to break up the block of colour with a subtle stripe.

The design is 7-8 strands of the main colour and then 2 strands of contrasting pin strip.

If you would like a different combination stripe just email with your requirements and we will do our best to give you a stunning fly screen.

It can make your screen as individual as you. We have 11 colours to choose from and 11 colours to choose your stripe from.

These fly screens are custom made to your specification and will last many years looking attractive. These fly screens are suitable for doors and windows.

To obtain a no obligation cost for your flyscreen simply put your measurements in the box and your cost will be calculated including vat.

There is a carriage charge of £10.50 including VAT although this may change depending where you live, or if you purchase more than one screen.

Measuring Insect fly screens can be fitted internally or externally, can be easily removed and are quick and simple to install, needing only two or three screws.

When measuring for a door or window chain fly screen, take the opening size and add 2cm (0.75") to the width so the screen overlaps the frame, and add 5cm (2") to the height to account for the hanging rail. The finished size of the screen supplied will be the size requested including the hanging rail. The links are 24mm in length so screens will be +/- 12mm.

 Custom Striped Chain Screen - Fully Assembled

Custom Striped Chain Screen - Fully Assembled


Height   Width    

Price:   Each (Including VAT)

Choose a style
Choose the main colour
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Hanging Rail

Hanging Brackets

Ceiling Brackets

** Please note - anything 150cm or more will be supplied in two pieces and will need two sets of brackets

Hanging Rail

Hanging Rail

Our standard colour is brushed silver although we also provide brown/bronze (which goes well with brown/bronze, copper/orange and golden yellow chain), black and white hanging rail.

Please note screens of 150cm width or more are supplied in two or more sections of between 75cm and around 100cm. Each section and will need a pair of hanging brackets.

Hanging Brackets

Hanging Brackets

Chain flyscreens can be hung from wooden door frames using the screws provided. However for a more secure fit, and for PVC frames we recommend our hanging brackets. These are 35mm in depth and you will need a minimum of 50mm clearance to fix the brackets and leave room to hook the hanging rail over. Hanging brackets come in three finishes to match the most common door frame colours, white, brown and stainless steel. If you take your chain flyscreen down during winter months matching brackets are less obtrusive. We provide screws and screw caps to fit to wooden, PVC and metal frames.

We also provide ceiling brackets to hang your chain flyscreen from a reveal or the ceiling. These have to be fixed into something secure like battening or a lintel. It is not advisable to fix soley into plasterboard.

A pair of brackets is needed for each 1m screen section. Additional brackets can be purchased on the Chain Screen Parts page.

Online Catalogue |  Custom Striped Screens


We supply made-to-measure quality aluminium chain fly screens for doorways, conservatory, french, sliding, hinged, folding, patio, veranda, gazebos, caravans, mobile home doors and insect fly mesh for doors and windows. Chain fly screens for commercial, domestic kitchens, nightclubs, pubs, bars, discos, hotels, food shops, butchers, bakers, takeaways.

Designer and architect chain fly screens for exhibitions, showrooms, events, theatres, stages. Available as for fly screens for DIY kits, roller blinds, mesh and chain fly screens. Chain flyscreen colours: sliver, black, pewter, turquoise, blue, green, red, gold, yellow, copper, orange, brown and bronze chain fly screens. High quality anodised aluminium chain fly screens for all commercial and domestic doors and windows.